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Website overhaul, new books coming

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I had a website overhaul–many of the graphics are the same, but I had the backend redone to help me better maintain the site and have the information displayed more clearly. If you find any problems (broken links, links leading to wrong things, wrong info about a book, etc), feel free to email me through my contact page and let me know.

Am working on some new things–Of course, the Thames River Murders (Captain Lacey, Book 10), which will be coming up soon. I have two things on my plate (a long historical romance and a short paranormal novella) to complete, then Captain Lacey will get my full attention! I will put pre-orders up for that book as soon as I finish these other two projects (which should happen in May).

I also have a new collection of short mysteries I want to bring out–well, they are not so much “new” as stories I wrote a long time ago, when I was hoping to be a famous historical mystery author. I had two more series in mind other than Captain Lacey, plus a possible third. I’d been working my heart out on these when I was more or less told: “Don’t bother; historical mysteries don’t sell.”  (You know an editor doesn’t want to buy your book when you excitedly say “It’s a historical mystery!” and his/her face falls…)

As I was cleaning out my closets after an indoor flood forced us to tear up our house from Thanksgiving to about March, I found a box of about 50 short stories and novellas, mostly in the mystery and fantasy genres. Some I had sold to magazines and anthologies; some I’d never submitted.

I chose a few of these to finish, edit, and re-publish in an anthology called Murder Most Historical, Volume 1. It’s being copy-edited right now, I’m working on it around other projects, but I plan to publish it sometime in May. More details on this antho here:

It will be available in both e- and print, and (a little later) audio. I have many more stories, and if I feel they are up to publication (or can get there without too much work), I will release more volumes.

 Take care.

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Catherine Doty
Catherine Doty
9 years ago

Read all three stories in the new anthology last night. So very excellent!!! I will be eagerly looking forward to seeing more of Émilie d’Armand and Kat Holloway with the Mysterious Daniel M. and James 😉

9 years ago
Reply to  Catherine Doty

Thanks Catherine! Glad you enjoyed them!

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