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Updates; AudioBook Question

I’m about 20K words away from finishing the draft of Drury Lane. (For me, about 80 pages.) Then will come rewrites / revisions (which take nowhere near as long as writing the first draft), then editing by an outside editor, then proofing. I will do my best to get the print version out alongside the e- version or very soon thereafter. As soon as I type “The End” I will post a pub date! (I already know it, but again, the whole jinx thing is keeping me from saying it yet.)

I’m also interested in getting Captain Lacey out in audio. I think this series would lend itself well to being read aloud.

That said, I’ve heard from audiobook companies that cozy mysteries sell poorly in audio. Mystery fans, are you audiobook fans? I’ve listened to mystery audiobooks (the Cadfael series; Dick Francis; Mary Higgins Clark), and while I’m not a huge audiobook fan (I like to read fast), I enjoyed them.

Opinions? Would you like Captain Lacey in audio? Is it worth it for me to pursue it?

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Jude Tessel
Jude Tessel
10 years ago

With the exception of Dick Francis mysteries, I’ll only
listen to an audiobook if I like the reader – get Sir Kenneth Branagh to do the audio version and I’ll listen to it even if I’ve read the book already.

Janine Koucheki
Janine Koucheki
10 years ago

I would LOVE to listen to the Capt Lacey Mysteries in audiobooks. I have about 300 audiobooks and even though most of them are historical (many regency – including your Mackenzie’s series) romances, I have mysteries as well. I’ve looked for this series on and at Tantor audio several times. I’m just getting started on the Lacey Mysteries so I’ve got a ways to go, but had they been in audio format, I would have already listened to them.

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