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The Alexandria Affair is Out!

I’m pleased to announce the release of The Alexandria Affair (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, Book 11). Journey with me and Lacey’s friends to Egypt of 1818, where Lacey must find an elusive object for James Denis.

The book is available from all vendors on e-book, and in print. Audio to come.

Order from:
Google Play
PRINT from Amazon
More print vendors coming soon.

Next–Captain Lacey returns to England on the eve of fatherhood and helps Grenville look into a series of crimes at Carleton House in London. (A Carleton House Mystery)

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Anja Bart
Anja Bart
8 years ago

I’m reading it now and loving it, but I have a problem with missing text. Some (sub)chapters seem to end in the middle of a sentence and some transitions appear to be very abrupt, so maybe text is missing there too. I got it as an ebook (epub) from the Kobo store. Is this a known problem?

Ashley Gardner
Ashley Gardner
8 years ago
Reply to  Anja Bart

Anja: I haven’t heard of any problems, and I checked the file carefully when it was uploaded. I also purchased a copy from Kobo, downloaded it, and scrolled through the whole thing. I didn’t find anything like you describe. I did notice that when the bottom menu was visible (I use the Kobo app on my iPhone), I couldn’t see the text at the bottom of the page (until the menu disappeared). Sometimes ebooks get glitchy. Try downloading it again, and if that doesn’t clear up the problem, contact Kobo customer service. Sometimes files just don’t download right for some people while others never have a problem. But I have ascertained that the problem is not in the file itself.

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