Death at Brighton Pavilion (pre-order) and Murder in St. Giles (audio)

Death at Brighton Pavilion (Captain Lacey, Book 14) is now on pre-order at all vendors, plus print (audio to come):

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Please note that the Paperback version will be available worldwide on release day, though the pre-order is US only (they make me do it that way…)

I’m pleased to announce that Murder in St. Giles (Captain Lacey, Book 13), is now out in audio!



Death at Brighton Pavilion on Pre-Order

As promised, I returned from my travels and put Death at Brighton Pavilion on pre-order (and then forgot to tell anyone). This book will be available in e-book, PRINT, and audio December 17.




Kobo and Google links closer to pub date. Print will be available closer to release date.

Join Captain Lacey and Grenville as they take their families on a seaside holiday in Brighton, invited by the Regent to sup at the Royal Pavilion. When an officer from Lacey’s past turns up murdered, even Lacey isn’t quite certain he isn’t the culprit.

Death at Brighton Pavilion is Book 14 of the Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries series.

I enjoyed myself immensely walking in Captain Lacey’s footsteps in London, and took a series of videos and photos to document it. I’m working in my spare time to put together the footage with explanations of what we’re seeing. I hope to have that finished before too long, though writing at the moment it taking up most of my time.

In London, I stayed in a flat across from Trafalgar Square, walking distance from every place I wanted to go. I had a wonderful time.

Likewise, I walked miles in Rome, taking footage for research for the Leonidas the Gladiator mysteries.

My day in the Roman Forum blew me away. The weight of history smacked into me, and the monuments were unbelievable. It gave me an excellent feel for spacing and what Leonidas would see in Nero’s day, walking through Imperial Rome. 

The rest of Rome was just amazing. If you see only one city in Europe in your lifetime, see that one.

I also loved Portugal (a magical place), and am inspired to go back in Lacey’s history in Oporto (Porto) and Salamanca (a beautiful, beautiful Spanish town), and bring some of that into his current life.

All in all, I am very glad I went on my exhausting month-long sojourn. For now, it’s back to storytelling and processing all I saw and did.

Captain Lacey coming soon!

I am working hard on Death at Brighton Pavilion (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, 14). I have to do some traveling, so I have not set up a pre-order … I envision horrible things going wrong I can’t fix when I’m away. When I get back, my number one priority will be to put this book on pre-order! Look for the pre-order in early October.

The trip will involve much about Captain Lacey! I will do a London walk of his haunts and take plenty of photos and vids to share. Also on the roster is a visit to Salamanca, one of the Peninsular War battle sites. James Gillies, the narrator for the audio books, and I have plans to meet up in Covent Garden for a Captain Lacey dinner. 

Then Rome, where I will research the world of Leonidas the Gladiator (the real world, not the tourist one). Again photos and vids are in my plans! 

I’ve picked a title for Book 1 of Leonidas: Blood of a Gladiator. I hope to release early next year!

I will try to write while I’m away–let’s see how that works out. (And my travel plans notoriously go awry, so I am adding a caveat that these are my travel plans. The reality might be different, but I’ll keep you posted.)

P.S. I turned in Book 4 of Kat Holloway to my editor at Berkley–more on that pub date when I know it.