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Pre-Order A Mystery at Carlton House!

A Mystery at Carlton House (Captain Lacey Book 12) will be out March 21.

I have set up an exclusive pre-order on iBooks until January 1, when the book will be on pre-order everywhere else. Mystery at Carlton House will also be in print! (pre-orders to come; audio book too!)

For more information on this book, see:

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Donna Gropper
Donna Gropper
7 years ago

So happy to see this post – will have to wait to order for my kindle – something to look forward to!!

April Terry
April Terry
7 years ago

I have enjoyed the Captain Lacey books so much! It is rare that I find characters that I really like and who are interesting and honorable. I hope you keep writng this kind of book. I was taken by these from the very beginning!

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