Murder in St. Giles is out!

You’ve probably heard me shouting this already, but Murder in St. Giles is out everywhere!

Find it in e-book and print:
Barnes and Noble
Google Play

It takes a week or so to get out to the rest of the world (e.g. Book Depository), but it will get there.

James Gillies is at work on the audio for The Alexandria Affair, so that will be available sometime soon.

The Lacey series will continue! Watch for information on A Death at Brighton Pavilion.

A heartfelt Thank You to Captain Lacey fans for making this series a success.

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Elle Dechene
Elle Dechene
4 years ago

I’ve just finished this book, the best one yet! You’ve opened the door to so many possible stories, I’m looking forward to reading whichever you bring to us next. And then the one after that . . .

Barbara Talmadge
Barbara Talmadge
3 years ago

Is it available from one one/where as audio?