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More Captain Lacey

I have fallen behind on my schedule releasing the next Captain Lacey book (A Death at Brighton Pavilion), waylaid by Kat Holloway, and, for some reason, romance novellas. I found myself obligated, at the end of last year and beginning of this one, to write four romance novellas I hadn’t anticipated. The novellas have so far been very well received, and I don’t regret writing them (they were a creative challenge), but they shoved me into a writing detour.

Now I must finished Book 4 of the Below Stairs Mysteries to contracted schedule, and then Captain Lacey is back on my plate. I anticipate Death at Brighton Pavilion to be out either September or October. It is definitely my next indie book to write.

I apologize for the delay, but meanwhile, please enjoy Death in Kew Gardens, the third of the Kat Holloway mysteries, out June 4.

I will alert everyone when the Captain Lacey book is on pre-order. If I can get it done and out sooner, I will! 

And then comes Leonidas. 

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David Jones
David Jones
4 years ago

Have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the Capt. Lacey books this year. You’ve created a fascinating mix of characters and plots. Looking forward to you next one(s). Thanks for creating this series.

karen slaughter
karen slaughter
4 years ago

add me to blog

4 years ago

Really looking forward to the next book! I’ve been wondering if you’re planning on including Aloysius and Louisa in future books? The emotional story of Lacey and the Brandons, as gradually revealed over the first few books, was deeply compelling, and I feel like there’s still a final reckoning to be had between Lacey and Aloysius.

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