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Grosvenor Square Pub Date


I am this close to finishing Murder in Grosvenor Square. I have contacted an editor, and I can announce a pub date:

OCTOBER 20, 2014

If I can set up pre-orders I will. If not, the book will be out on Oct. 20. I hope you enjoy it.

I am now brainstorming the title for the next book! Somewhere in London? Or elsewhere…

Update: Now I am this close:

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9 years ago

I can not wait for the next book … I found your books a few week ago .. Now read them all now I am hooked waiting for your next I am a bit fan of g heyer you take us throught time start a page and we are in that era and it’s hart to put the book down

9 years ago

I cannot get enough of your books they are all the best and of course who would not love Capt.Lacey.

el edwards
el edwards
9 years ago

ten days will never seem so long….luckily the new Jennifer Ashley book was just delivered!

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