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Hanover Square is a BookBub bargain today

The Hanover Square Affair is a featured bargain at BookBub this week!

I’ve had a lot of questions about where to buy Murder in Grosvenor Square. I’m still writing it, so it’s not out there yet. I am currently revising two novellas for other series, but should be done with those this week. Then back to the keyboard for Grosvenor Square, which is coming along fine. I anticipate an August or Sep release date, but will keep you posted.

Ashley Gardner

Audio Edition released! Plus, Hanover Square Affair Ebook FREE!

At long last, the audio edition of The Hanover Square Affair is out! Available from:

iTunes coming soon

The narrator did an incredible job, not only of Captain Lacey but the many characters that populate the book. I’m eager to get started on Regimental Murder.

Also–The ebook of The Hanover Square Affair is now free! Please pass the word to anyone you know who might enjoy a historical mystery. Available from:

Apple iBooks

Am writing hard on Murder in Grosvenor Square, which will be out this summer or early fall. It’s refreshing to be with Lacey and Donata again!


Ashley Gardner