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Drury Lane updates

I am now about 3000-5000 words shy of finishing the next Captain Lacey book (that’s about 2-3 chapters depending on how much I have left to tell–I don’t adhere to a rigid word count). I will have this done by the end of the week and be able to project a pub date.

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In other news, the print edition of Regimental Murder should go live very soon (I submitted it; just waiting for the vendors to get around to putting up the order buttons). Plus I’m still looking into getting these books into audio. I will, one way or another.

Take care.

Updates; AudioBook Question

I’m about 20K words away from finishing the draft of Drury Lane. (For me, about 80 pages.) Then will come rewrites / revisions (which take nowhere near as long as writing the first draft), then editing by an outside editor, then proofing. I will do my best to get the print version out alongside the e- version or very soon thereafter. As soon as I type “The End” I will post a pub date! (I already know it, but again, the whole jinx thing is keeping me from saying it yet.)

I’m also interested in getting Captain Lacey out in audio. I think this series would lend itself well to being read aloud.

That said, I’ve heard from audiobook companies that cozy mysteries sell poorly in audio. Mystery fans, are you audiobook fans? I’ve listened to mystery audiobooks (the Cadfael series; Dick Francis; Mary Higgins Clark), and while I’m not a huge audiobook fan (I like to read fast), I enjoyed them.

Opinions? Would you like Captain Lacey in audio? Is it worth it for me to pursue it?

What Capt. Lacey has been up to . . .

I’ve been doing many things on this side of the laptop since last I posted. New website, as I noted. I am trying to figure out a way to get this blog on the website itself so my updates are all in one place. I’ll keep everyone posted on that.

I am progressing nicely on Drury Lane. Lacey is going places he’s never been and adjusting to a new stage in his life. I am happy with the book so far. I have a pub date in mind, which isn’t long from now, but I don’t want to invoke the jinx on this book, so I’m not saying until the book is with an editor. I want to, but I won’t.

After Drury Lane will come Murder in Grosvenor Square. I still want to take Lacey and Grenville to Egypt, since Grenville is so fond of the place, but I need to fit the book where it will naturally fall timewise in the tales, as well as logically with the development of Lacey’s life. I don’t want them to run off to Egypt just to go. It all has to make sense.

I had originally planned to write ten Lacey novels; however, now I see no reason to stop the series until it is ready to end. I think all series should end (gracefully), but only when it’s time. I keep thinking of adventures for Lacey, so I will continue to write them.

For now, Drury Lane is coming along, and I’ll announce a pub date as soon as I dare.