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Grosvenor Square Pub Date


I am this close to finishing Murder in Grosvenor Square. I have contacted an editor, and I can announce a pub date:

OCTOBER 20, 2014

If I can set up pre-orders I will. If not, the book will be out on Oct. 20. I hope you enjoy it.

I am now brainstorming the title for the next book! Somewhere in London? Or elsewhere…

Update: Now I am this close:


Grosvenor Square update

Now that I’ve turned in a big book to my publisher, I’m writing steadily on Capt Lacey daily. My goal is to have the draft of Grosvenor Square finished by the end of next week, or the week after at the latest. That puts it in edits the rest of September, with publication either the end of Sep or early Oct. Will update here on a solid pub date when I finish the draft, and can calculate how much time my editor and proofreader will need.

It really does not take me long to write a book–2-3 months if I get to concentrate on that book ONLY. However, I have commitments to my publisher (by the end of this year, I will have written 3 books and 3 novellas for them), plus other series I write independently. And then my publisher sends back manuscripts so I can go over edits and proof pages, which eats up 3-4 weeks per book. I’m ending up writing (and rewriting, revising, edits, proofs) about 6 books a year and several novellas.

So, I write quickly–it just takes me forever to get around to each book!  Next year, my plate should clear a little. I’d love to get 2 Captain Lacey books out a year, or at least one long book and one novella. That is my goal!

More audio books

AshleyGardner_ARegimentalMurder_Audio  I have now listened to the audio files for Regimental Murder, and they’re amazing. The book has been submitted for approval, which means it will be put together and uploaded in a few weeks to Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. Again, the narrator (James Gillies) did a fantastic job on the voices. I was worried about Lady B, but she turned out just right.

I am continuing to work on the next Captain Lacey. I wish I could put these books out faster, but as you know, I have other commitments. I write and finish a book on average every six to eight weeks–many of these I’m contracted for at Berkley (I’m writing a total of 3 books and 3 novellas for them this year), so my non-romance writing gets a bit left out.

However! While I wanted Grosvenor Square to be out in July or August, I am seriously shooting for September. I have to finish going over the paranormal romance that’s due to Berkley, but it’s almost done (I have another 4-5 days of work on it). Then on to finishing Grosvenor Square!

As soon as Grosvenor Square is in edits, I’ll have a final publishing date, and we’ll be set.

Thanks for your patience. I want to publish *one* of these books a year at the very least.