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Grosvenor Square--Home Stretch

I am on the home stretch for Murder in Grosvenor Square. The proofreader has finished, and I am doing my final pass and tweaking. I plan to upload tomorrow, which means the book should be live starting Monday (print will take another week–that process is just longer).

If you have not already signed up to my newsletter–which I will send out as soon as Grosvenor Squaree is live–click on the “Subscribe” graphic on the top left of my website and fill in the form. Lacey’s friends and family return in this one, and you’ll meet new characters as well.

Meanwhile, I have the cover for the next book ready: The Thames River Murders. I plan to have this one out next July–though I do have six or seven other things to write between now and then!


More Captain Lacey Mysteries

As always, when I finish writing a Captain Lacey mystery, my thoughts turn to the next book in the series. I’ve decided to keep Lacey in London for another adventure–I’ve wanted to learn more about Peter Thompson of the Thames River Police (first introduced in The Glass House) and explore what the River Police did. So Thompson will come to Lacey and ask for his help on a cold case, which will also allow me to explore more of Regency England’s culture, the side of it left out of most Regency-set novels. We also need time to let things happen in Lacey’s home life.

This book will be called The Thames River Murders. I am putting it on the writing schedule and will have the cover made. (I will not speculate on a pub date just yet–need to coordinate all the other books I have to write before I make my 2015 releases schedule.)

After that, I do want to get Lacey and Grenville to Egypt! They’ve been talking about it for two years (their time), and they need to be off. I am fascinated by the early archeological expeditions, notably those by the strongman, Belzoni. The plundering of the past was about to take off, which also gave birth to careful (and not so careful) archeological studies. The Alexandria Affair has also been added to my writing schedule and the “Forthcoming” page.

We are still on track for the Oct 20 release date of Murder in Grosvenor Square!