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Sudbury School in Audio

The Sudbury School Murders is out in Audio! As usual, James Gillies has done a fine job bringing the characters of Captain Lacey’s world to life.

Find the audio copy at:




The Sudbury School Murders (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries) audiobook by Ashley Gardner

Thanks all who have given me feedback on Murder Most Historical–it’s helpful! Right now it is my bestselling book on Amazon (to my surprise).

I hope to do more novels about Kat Holloway and Emilie d’Armand. Captain Lacey first, though!

Google and Necklace Affair / Stories

Necklace Affair This week, the entire Captain Lacey mystery series was loaded to Google Play. If you buy books there, or know readers who read Google books and think they would like the series, they are now available.

The whole series is here on Google. Google Play downloads to Android phones like the Samsung and to tablet computers. I have also gathered The Necklace Affair novella and the two short stories in The Gentleman’s Walking Stick into a set called The Necklace Affair and Other Stories. It matches the print book of the same name.

If you already have purchased these separately, you do not need to buy the collection! There is nothing new. I gathered it for readers who prefer to have short stories in one place. The price of buying them separately or the collection is the same. I’m just giving readers more options.

Necklace Affair and Other Stories is available on Google and Kindle, and it will be ready at Nook, Apple, and Kobo in the next couple of days.