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Grosvenor Square in print

Murder in Grosvenor Square is now out in print. Right now it’s orderable from Amazon (, but it will wend its way to the other vendors over the next week or so. I’ll add links to the home page and Grosvenor Square’s page as they go live. Thanks to those who have already given me great feedback on the book!

French editions


Captain Lacey is now also in French. The first two books are out in paperback, available at bookstores (the publisher is based in Montreal). Also order from Amazon:


The covers are gorgeous!! The publisher bought the whole series, so that should be coming out gradually.

Drury Lane updates

I am now about 3000-5000 words shy of finishing the next Captain Lacey book (that’s about 2-3 chapters depending on how much I have left to tell–I don’t adhere to a rigid word count). I will have this done by the end of the week and be able to project a pub date.

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In other news, the print edition of Regimental Murder should go live very soon (I submitted it; just waiting for the vendors to get around to putting up the order buttons). Plus I’m still looking into getting these books into audio. I will, one way or another.

Take care.