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Grosvenor Square in print

Murder in Grosvenor Square is now out in print. Right now it’s orderable from Amazon (, but it will wend…

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French editions

Captain Lacey is now also in French. The first two books are out in paperback, available at bookstores (the publisher…

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Drury Lane updates

I am now about 3000-5000 words shy of finishing the next Captain Lacey book (that’s about 2-3 chapters depending on…

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New covers for print editions

I’ve had a few complaints from readers about the women on the covers of the Captain Lacey books. To some,…

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Capt. Lacey Books in Print

Because the old mass market paperbacks of the Lacey series are now very hard to find (and going for ridiculous…

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Check out the Deutsch and Français translations of Ashley Gardner’s books.