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Another Captain Lacey book in the works

As I finish up The Alexandria Affair, I’m looking ahead to more installments of the Captain Lacey series.

I’ve decided that the title of the next book will be A Mystery at Carleton House, which will bring Lacey back to London with his new family. The Prince Regent asks Grenville for help to solve a series of odd thefts at Carleton House, the Regent’s residence in London.

I don’t have a pub date yet—I am going through my schedule for the rest of the year, and it’s already pretty tight! I will write the book and release it as soon as possible.

First, The Alexandria Affair. Lacey and Grenville are getting up to a great many things in Egypt. The book will be out May 17 from all vendors. You can preorder now from:

PRINT from Amazon

Preorders from Kobo and others coming soon.

Thames River Murders is a bestseller!

I was absolutely thrilled to learn that The Thames River Murders hit the USA Today Bestseller list! Thank you for supporting this series–I have worked very hard to get it this far!

I am researching and pre-writing The Alexandria Affair, which I will have up for pre-order as soon as I am able (I can only have pre-orders 90 days in advance with most vendors). I am still working out my schedule for next year, but I will have another Capt. Lacey (more if I’m able) and another Kat Holloway story.

My cover designer is working the covers for The Alexandria Affair and Kat’s book, A Dollop of Death. More info on both of these books when I have it.

I have seriously cut back on books I owe my publisher (two a year now, not four to six!), so I now have more time to write mysteries! Precisely what I wanted when I began this whole writing venture!

Again, thank you for sticking with Captain Lacey and the series in all its ups and downs!