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Captain Lacey in Audio


After a few glitches, I finally am listening to the preliminary audio files for the first Capt. Lacey mystery, Hanover Square Affair. They’re absolutely wonderful! The narrator I chose has a fantastic array of accents–Capt. Lacey, Grenville, Denis–are spot on. It’s as though the voices I heard in my head when writing the book have come to life!

I’ll be finishing the listen in the next couple of days and submitting the files for final production. I’m not sure how long that takes, but I’ll post an alert when the audio is done. And hopefully I can get the next books in to production as well!

I am plugging away at Grosvenor Square! Am looking at a summer release, and I’ll try to set up pre-orders. Will let everyone know when that happens.

Updates on Captain Lacey

Apologies for not posting updates sooner. In October I had to switch to my Jennifer Ashley life, having books due to my publisher. Also I was working on getting some backlist books republished (the Immortals series). Now I have time to sit back and write, write, write. I still have books due to my publisher (I always do), but I can focus on new books again.

I also recently (as in this week and last week) republished the entire Captain Lacey series to Apple and Kobo. These are no longer the Smashwords editions–these are published via my imprint (JA / AG Publishing). They have been reformatted as cleaner epub files. If you already have Apple and Kobo editions, you have absolutely no reason to re-buy them. Nothing has changed, except the formatting is a little prettier.

The audiobook production has been delayed at bit–once the narrator is able to continue, those should move on toward production.

Other than that, I’m writing Grosvenor Square, and will let you know when it’s done and when it should be out.

Thanks for reading!

Cover Reveal--Grosvenor Square; Audio

Murder in Grosvenor Square cover
Murder in Grosvenor Square

Newest cover in the Lacey series–Murder in Grosvenor Square. I am at present writing this book, so I have no pub date yet.

I am now working with a narrator to bring Captain Lacey to audio. I hope to have a completed book by the end of November–I am hearing it takes another month or so after that for it to be released for sale. Updates as I know them.

Thank you!

Ashley Gardner