Captain Lacey in Audio


After a few glitches, I finally am listening to the preliminary audio files for the first Capt. Lacey mystery, Hanover Square Affair. They’re absolutely wonderful! The narrator I chose has a fantastic array of accents–Capt. Lacey, Grenville, Denis–are spot on. It’s as though the voices I heard in my head when writing the book have come to life!

I’ll be finishing the listen in the next couple of days and submitting the files for final production. I’m not sure how long that takes, but I’ll post an alert when the audio is done. And hopefully I can get the next books in to production as well!

I am plugging away at Grosvenor Square! Am looking at a summer release, and I’ll try to set up pre-orders. Will let everyone know when that happens.

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Paula Knight
Paula Knight
7 years ago

Captain Lacey is one of my favorite characters. I love the books and all the supporting characters I as well. Grenville and Denis especially. Having a new book to look forward to will make summer break special.

Nancy Weatherup
Nancy Weatherup
6 years ago

I stumbled via Book Bub into the bittersweet, honor-driven life of Captain Lacey this evening and enjoyed my time with him, away from my own life and times immensely. I plan to read the rest of the series in the order in which they were written/published. The story returned me to an earlier, (much younger-I’m now 72) more idealistic period in my reading life when heros were honorable to a fault, and displayed this admirable quality through ‘thick and thin’ and who dispite having endured considerable physical and mental trauma in their own past, rose, as does Lacey, to heroic… Read more »