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Leonidas the Gladiator Mysteries Vol. 1

Books 1-2, plus Novella

About the Book

A freed gladiator and a woman scribe solve crimes in Ancient Rome in the time of Nero.

Blood of a Gladiator: 

Newly freed from the games, Leonidas the Gladiator must learn how to survive in Rome, aided only by Cassia, a scribe assigned to look after him. The two soon have to solve a brutal crime to keep Leonidas from being thrown back into the arena.

Blood Debts:

A baker’s debt to Leonidas soon turns dangerous, as his quest to be paid leads him to another murder he must solve.

A Gladiator’s Tale:

Leonidas’s former lanista asks Leonidas and Cassia to look into the whereabouts of gladiators missing from the school. Soon Leonidas and Cassia are swept into a terrifying hunt for whoever has decided to slay gladiators.

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The Details

Published: April 30, 2023
Publisher: JA / AG Publishing
Pages: 594
Formats: Ebook
Genres & Tropes
historical mystery, historical fiction, Ancient Rome, gladiators, friends to lovers, women sleuths