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Another Captain Lacey book in the works

As I finish up The Alexandria Affair, I’m looking ahead to more installments of the Captain Lacey series.

I’ve decided that the title of the next book will be A Mystery at Carleton House, which will bring Lacey back to London with his new family. The Prince Regent asks Grenville for help to solve a series of odd thefts at Carleton House, the Regent’s residence in London.

I don’t have a pub date yet—I am going through my schedule for the rest of the year, and it’s already pretty tight! I will write the book and release it as soon as possible.

First, The Alexandria Affair. Lacey and Grenville are getting up to a great many things in Egypt. The book will be out May 17 from all vendors. You can preorder now from:

PRINT from Amazon

Preorders from Kobo and others coming soon.

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