I’m well into Murder in Grosvenor Square, and will announce a pub date soon (I’m thinking August). Also, the narrator for Hanover Square Affair has agreed to do more books, and is working on Regimental Murder even now. We progress!!

Murder in Grosvenor Square cover
Murder in Grosvenor Square
  • Phyllis

    Please hurry . I discovered captain Lacey in Hanover Square. Free book and I quickly devoured the rest

  • Marilyn Carruth

    Anxious for the next book! I have thoroughly enjoyed you Captain Lacey series.

  • Crystal

    Fell in love with these books and characters…Can’t wait for the next book!!!

  • Dropspun

    So glad someone finally wrote about a protagonist with depression! I’ve deeply enjoyed watching Captain Lacey’s character grow as your books progressed. Can’t wait for “Murder in Grosvenor Square” to come out!

  • Sandra

    I discovered the series from your free book Hanover Square and read all the following books in 1 week. I cannot wait for the next book and the one after that. Please writer faster. Love the series.

  • jrv

    Best historical mysteries I have found. I can only think of a couple that come close. Can’t wait for the next one.

  • I just re-read a Disappearance in Drury Lane while sitting by the pool this afternoon. I hope the next installment is out before my summer schedule is over!

  • Robin

    I LOVE this series. Am so disappointed I can’t go directly to book 9!!! What will I do??? :-) I don’t want to ready anything else.

    • AshleyGardner

      Book 9 is coming! As is Book 10 after that, Book 11 . . .