Murder in Grosvenor Square is Out!

It’s here! The e-book version of Murder in Grosvenor Square is live, and the print version will be out in the next week or so (I will post an update here when it’s out).

ARE/OmniLit (in epub and mobi)

This book is available worldwide.
Murder in Grosvenor Square cover

  • Bought and reading! Now, how do I pace myself. The big challenge is not finishing it in one sitting without pausing for food and drink …

  • MikiS

    Are you no longer releasing your mysteries on Smashwords?

    • AshleyGardner

      So sorry–I missed this comment. I am moving away from Smashwords. I will probably format and upload a copy there, but will gradually migrate from SW.

      • MikiS

        Thanks for responding. At least it’s out there – I can certainly visit one of the other sites. :)