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Checking In

Much has happened since May and the release of The Alexandria Affair. First I was very pleased to see that The Alexandria Affair made the USA Today bestseller list! Absolutely thrilled. This book has been the bestselling Captain Lacey book to date.

I am still working on the next Kat Holloway mystery, and will have an announcement about that soon. These things take time …

Meanwhile, I’m happy that I am doing more mystery-related activities. I spoke at Left Coast Crime in February, and in August, I’ll be giving a workshop and participating on a panel at WriteNow!, sponsored by Sisters in Crime. I’m looking into attending more mystery cons and speaking about writing mysteries.

As I discussed before, the next Captain Lacey mystery will be called A Mystery at Carleton House. I don’t yet have a publication date for it. At the moment, I am writing a Shifters novel for my publisher as Jennifer Ashley, next I will complete the Kat Holloway full-length book, followed by yet another Shifters book I owe my publisher. Then I will get back to Captain Lacey. It takes me 2-3 months to write a book, depending on its length, so you can figure about how long it will be.

I’ll post again when I know release dates and have pre-order information for both Captain Lacey and Kat Holloway.

So far, I’m enjoying my stint as a mystery writer. I have ideas for at least three, maybe four, more series, so who knows what the future will bring!

By the way, I did take the two weeks R&R I mentioned I’d be doing in June. I had a fabulous time in Amsterdam, Germany, France, and Switzerland. I can’t lie–it was awesome. I am refreshed and ready to write!

The Alexandria Affair is Out!

I’m pleased to announce the release of The Alexandria Affair (Captain Lacey Regency Mysteries, Book 11). Journey with me and Lacey’s friends to Egypt of 1818, where Lacey must find an elusive object for James Denis.

The book is available from all vendors on e-book, and in print. Audio to come.

Order from:
Google Play
PRINT from Amazon
More print vendors coming soon.

Next–Captain Lacey returns to England on the eve of fatherhood and helps Grenville look into a series of crimes at Carleton House in London. (A Carleton House Mystery)

Alexandria Affair Pub Date; Audio Books; Kat Holloway

I think I have settled on the publication date for The Alexandria Affair, one that will give me time to write it! The pub date will be Tuesday May 17, and I will get pre-orders going as soon as I can.

Now, I need to start thinking about a title for the book after that. Lacey will be back in London for Book 12, though possibly heading to the Breckenridge estate (which now belongs to young Peter). Must ponder.

For those who enjoy the audio books, Covent Garden Mystery will be coming soon. More when I know more!

For Kat Holloway (A Soupçon of Poison) fans, my agent is shopping the series, and I’ll of course let you know more when I know it myself.

Many wheels are turning on my end, which will end up in more Captain Lacey and Kat Holloway for you very soon!